Welcome to Dig Asia Summer School 2021

This one week-intensive summer course will unravel the digital transformation issue in Asia. Over the last decade, a rapid and never-ending digital technology innovation and its incorporation in various aspects of human life have brought significant changes which require people, governments, and businesses to adapt. Keeping away from these changes is not a choice. Meanwhile, different parts of the world have different existing conditions in terms of infrastructure, human resources, and public systems to adapt to this rapid global transformation. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed us to undergo a much faster digital technology adoption to minimize physical movement and interaction to avoid the virus infection. Then, some questions that may arise are: does everyone have equal capacity and adaptability in this transformation? Does this transformation bring benefit and justice to all? How does this technological shift relate to the sustainability of nature as a whole?  

By focusing on Asia, this summer course will bring cross-country and regional perspectives on how Asian countries are undergoing digital transformation. We aim to cover four major areas: politics and government, economy, ecology, and culture, including religion and youth issues. By presenting speakers from several countries and different backgrounds -academia and practitioners- we strive to have rich discussions with all participants from diverse nationalities. Not only lectures, participants will also be engaged in discussions based on case studies on which they can share their perspectives and experience based on their localities. With this design, this summer course will bring fruitful insights and experience for both speakers and participants.